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I haven’t had a chance to journal in awhile. Adjusting to the kids being home for the summer, new schedules, new hours, etc. My time has changed when I used to sit down and journal so now I am trying to adjust and create the new time:) Sitting to get my hair cut today..I heard my hairstylist talk about how tired she is. That was about the fourth person that I have heard in the past few days discussing how sleepy they are feeling. I wasn’t feeling tired until they talked about it:) But I do notice that I want to slow down some today. I don’t want to rush. I just want to relax and rest. If I fall asleep for a nap that would be great. My kids have been a...

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May 15, 2015

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Today I woke up early this morning feeling energy just pulsing through my body, I was able to get back to sleep. I had some stones under my pillow. My heart just wanted them there last night. I just held the stones for awhile with one of my hands under the pillow and could feel my body just calming enough to get off to sleep. Upon waking this morning, I was a little tired…most likely yesterday evenings food choices….:) But was excited to get out for a walk/run with my youngest once everyone was off and delivered to school. I began noticing how my electronics were struggling today. Whether it be my ear buds to my cardio interval recording not starting then...

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Sagittarius moon in May 2015

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Wow! The last couple of weeks have been busy as we wind down the school year! Meetings, sports games, concerts, banquets, parties…. It has caused me to be  WAY behind in my daily commitments. I had a wake up call from my youngest daughter when she brought home my mother’s day card from school. It was the cute fill in the blank cards that I LOVE! One of the questions asked was…”What makes your mother laugh?” Her response…nofn (nothing…translation to adult from young child)…. Nofn…wow..I thought I laughed more than that.  I even had a special message recently from someone dear to me that said they missed and loved my...

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Moon in Libra April 2015

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The last couple of days have been wonderful! I have made some extremely important realizations in my life.  Learning to feel and trust myself are important decisions that I have needed to make. Listening to my intuition, listening for God’s voice, feeling, and being. All areas that the last few days have really brought to light! I have felt joy! I can not tell you the last time these feelings have come through! It is bringing back beautiful memories of growing up at my home. Playing outside, playing with friends, or sitting in the grass just being in the beautiful sunlight, all things that bring a feeling of peace and joy! So yes, I have felt the beauty around me!...

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Moon in Virgo April 2015

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The last couple of days have been wonderful! They stretched me and answered some wonderful questions that I have had for a long time. Criticizing…yes I could have, but I would have missed out on the most wonderful gift. Not so many years ago I wouldn’t have allowed myself to believe this, but I was given the gift of communication with someone dear to me who has passed on. A friend called me the night before my birthday and said she had a message she thought was meant for me. She has a friend who has the gift of communication with people who have passed on. My friend was cautious because she knew that I was not always comfortable with this. But her friend had...

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