May 15, 2015

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Today I woke up early this morning feeling energy just pulsing through my body, I was able to get back to sleep. I had some stones under my pillow. My heart just wanted them there last night. I just held the stones for awhile with one of my hands under the pillow and could feel my body just calming enough to get off to sleep.

Upon waking this morning, I was a little tired…most likely yesterday evenings food choices….:) But was excited to get out for a walk/run with my youngest once everyone was off and delivered to school. I began noticing how my electronics were struggling today. Whether it be my ear buds to my cardio interval recording not starting then stopping. The same with another recording I tried to play. I finished anyway and enjoyed my time either way. But the thoughts went through my head about the energy again.

My youngest seems to be in a very determined mood. He has an obsession with the toilet lid right now. Up and down and lets see what is inside. Normally I can remove him from the situation and off he will go, but not these last two days. He gets upset. Partly beginning stages of learning with a toddler but interesting to watch to see if the energy is affecting him as well.

One thing I have noticed with him is that I can tell him no and he is fine. But if I tell the dog no, he bursts into tears. Considering the dog is struggling with his presence because it messes the pack order up except at meal times of course… then he is ready and willing to be my toddler’s best friend. Just thought it was sweet his emotional connection with the dog. I am sure there are other explanations but nonetheless it is unique to watch.

Well, it should be a beautiful day!  One week left of school and things are beginning to relax.  The excitement is building!  Summer is just around the corner!   YEAH!!!

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