Moon in Virgo April 2015

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The last couple of days have been wonderful! They stretched me and answered some wonderful questions that I have had for a long time. Criticizing…yes I could have, but I would have missed out on the most wonderful gift. Not so many years ago I wouldn’t have allowed myself to believe this, but I was given the gift of communication with someone dear to me who has passed on. A friend called me the night before my birthday and said she had a message she thought was meant for me. She has a friend who has the gift of communication with people who have passed on. My friend was cautious because she knew that I was not always comfortable with this. But her friend had posted a random message that she had received. All the clues were undeniable. It was the best present ever! Yes, I could have second guessed and honestly probably did off and on. But the more I read the post, the more peace I received and the more my body begin to relax. It has been since their passing that I have not been able to truly relax. My heart has much joy! Health, work, and feminine…yes all of the above were met during this time!!! A beautiful blessing!

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