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I found my meditation

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I found my meditation

This mercury in retrograde allowed me the opportunity to review my relationship with myself, my world and others.  I found my meditation.

I breath in to my root and out through my heart and fingertips. As I breath my body pulses energetically and with my heart. It is my center that resonates and expands out. There is no figuring, no thinking, no knowingness. I am energy that expands and I agree to this. I have my own universe.

Tonight I did this and held a wooden ball. My pulsing touched the wooden ball and started pulsating.

For me meditation is not interpreting noise, letting go or redirecting the mind. My meditation is feeling, feeling my center heart and my body that houses my soul. I connected to my skin, my breath, my heart beat and found my meditation.

During the exercise I received energy from another person through my breath. I could feel the energy go up into my heart. Heart to Heart we connected.



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I haven’t had a chance to journal in awhile. Adjusting to the kids being home for the summer, new schedules, new hours, etc. My time has changed when I used to sit down and journal so now I am trying to adjust and create the new time:)
Sitting to get my hair cut today..I heard my hairstylist talk about how tired she is. That was about the fourth person that I have heard in the past few days discussing how sleepy they are feeling.
I wasn’t feeling tired until they talked about it:) But I do notice that I want to slow down some today. I don’t want to rush. I just want to relax and rest. If I fall asleep for a nap that would be great. My kids have been a little cranky and acting like they are tired. I have not kept up with what is going on with the moon right now but apparently those around me are wanting to rest and gain back some energy:) I hope they all get some sleep or the kicked back rest they need and their beautiful smiles reappear on their faces:)

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May 15, 2015

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Today I woke up early this morning feeling energy just pulsing through my body, I was able to get back to sleep. I had some stones under my pillow. My heart just wanted them there last night. I just held the stones for awhile with one of my hands under the pillow and could feel my body just calming enough to get off to sleep.

Upon waking this morning, I was a little tired…most likely yesterday evenings food choices….:) But was excited to get out for a walk/run with my youngest once everyone was off and delivered to school. I began noticing how my electronics were struggling today. Whether it be my ear buds to my cardio interval recording not starting then stopping. The same with another recording I tried to play. I finished anyway and enjoyed my time either way. But the thoughts went through my head about the energy again.

My youngest seems to be in a very determined mood. He has an obsession with the toilet lid right now. Up and down and lets see what is inside. Normally I can remove him from the situation and off he will go, but not these last two days. He gets upset. Partly beginning stages of learning with a toddler but interesting to watch to see if the energy is affecting him as well.

One thing I have noticed with him is that I can tell him no and he is fine. But if I tell the dog no, he bursts into tears. Considering the dog is struggling with his presence because it messes the pack order up except at meal times of course… then he is ready and willing to be my toddler’s best friend. Just thought it was sweet his emotional connection with the dog. I am sure there are other explanations but nonetheless it is unique to watch.

Well, it should be a beautiful day!  One week left of school and things are beginning to relax.  The excitement is building!  Summer is just around the corner!   YEAH!!!

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Aries Moon

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Last night as I was out on the balcony I felt a light feather on my ankle. I looked at my ankle and there was a scorpian about three inches long, live on my foot. The scorpian moved to the table cloth and I was safe. So amazing. It stayed on my ankle as I assessed what I would do and then gentle moved. I feel like my relationship with scorpians is like a bee. Act calm and they move on. She came to me, climbed two stores to see me to let me know transformation is coming. I am honored.


I used henna to show what it looked like. It was a brown orange looking scorpian.


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Sagittarius moon in May 2015

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Wow! The last couple of weeks have been busy as we wind down the school year! Meetings, sports games, concerts, banquets, parties…. It has caused me to be  WAY behind in my daily commitments.
I had a wake up call from my youngest daughter when she brought home my mother’s day card from school. It was the cute fill in the blank cards that I LOVE! One of the questions asked was…”What makes your mother laugh?” Her response…nofn (nothing…translation to adult from young child)….
Nofn…wow..I thought I laughed more than that.  I even had a special message recently from someone dear to me that said they missed and loved my laugh. I said something to my husband about it…he smiled and said, “she couldn’t put my dad’s silly and sexual jokes to mom, that wouldn’t have been appropriate…”
But it really got me thinking that I need to add more fun and creativity to my life. I sure don’t want her to think her mother doesn’t have a sense of humor or life isn’t fun! Wow!
So…I guess I need to laugh more and be more adventurist and enthusiastic! Thank you sweet daughter for beginning to awake the inner child in me! It has been sleeping for quite sometime!!” Happy Mother’s Day to all those mom’s out there! YOU are enough just the way you are! LAUGH, it is going to be o.k. 🙂 Lessons from a child….Have a beautiful day!

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Sagittarius Moon and I

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I woke up the morning still feeling sluggish and uninspired. I’ve been sick for the past few days, I could feel that my mind just wanted to lay down and quit for a little bit. I got up out of bed and Basic RGBthen it hit me, I can do this. Sure, I don’t feel like 100 bucks but it’s not a reason to quit. So I pulled out my laptop and started working, my fingers typing away–on a mission…Done! I was able to finalize a meditation script I’ve been working on, I feel accomplished and proud of myself this morning.

Thank you Sag Moon for kicking me in my butt and helping me feel inspired to push on!


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Scorpian Moon and Full Moon

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Scorpian Moon and Full Moon

So I felt like this was the night to write. On the Full moon. Let me just say I’ve been going with the flow as much as I can. My unconscious feeling did come out. Things that I would normally be able to hold back from saying came out instead. I love Scorpio for that!! As you can see I’m being very vague which archetypes the moon so well. Mysterious.  I feel that in one week I’ve really understood my demons more than any other time in my life. The thing I struggle with the most…but because I had such an compassionate friend be there for me I was able to be honest with them and myself and I feel so light. I had nothing to loose and it was almost a test of friendship. I had to check in with myself to understand what choice I wanted to make.. what boundaries did I need to create for myself…not for them…for me.

After my honesty…I walked home late at night…knowing I felt right..but confused. I stopped and saw a large live scorpion cross my path. Like I was at a cross walk. I reached for my camera and said thank you scorpion for crossing my path. I knew then I had followed my intuition and feeling and what ever had happened was suppose to go exactly as it did. Thank you my friend.

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Moon in Libra April 2015

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The last couple of days have been wonderful! I have made some extremely important realizations in my life.  Learning to feel and trust myself are important decisions that I have needed to make. Listening to my intuition, listening for God’s voice, feeling, and being. All areas that the last few days have really brought to light! I have felt joy! I can not tell you the last time these feelings have come through! It is bringing back beautiful memories of growing up at my home. Playing outside, playing with friends, or sitting in the grass just being in the beautiful sunlight, all things that bring a feeling of peace and joy! So yes, I have felt the beauty around me! Deeper than I expected and I am truly thankful!!!!

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Moon in Virgo April 2015

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The last couple of days have been wonderful! They stretched me and answered some wonderful questions that I have had for a long time. Criticizing…yes I could have, but I would have missed out on the most wonderful gift. Not so many years ago I wouldn’t have allowed myself to believe this, but I was given the gift of communication with someone dear to me who has passed on. A friend called me the night before my birthday and said she had a message she thought was meant for me. She has a friend who has the gift of communication with people who have passed on. My friend was cautious because she knew that I was not always comfortable with this. But her friend had posted a random message that she had received. All the clues were undeniable. It was the best present ever! Yes, I could have second guessed and honestly probably did off and on. But the more I read the post, the more peace I received and the more my body begin to relax. It has been since their passing that I have not been able to truly relax. My heart has much joy! Health, work, and feminine…yes all of the above were met during this time!!! A beautiful blessing!

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Striving for Balance

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sacredcircleI found the previous virgo moon to be awesome for getting my to-do list accomplished and was truly loving the feeling of checking things off the list and having a full schedule! Today I woke up wanting to flow with my day and maybe garden and take a walk and go out to lunch vs. being “scheduled”.  Or, if I could have exactly what I want, it would be a walk on Hanalei Bay.  🙂

Of course, I have a highly scheduled day of appointments seeing mama’s and babies and then baseball games for the boys later on. So, my intention is to strive “do my day” in balance in the midst of being scheduled and see the beauty in all of that. It really shouldn’t be too hard because although i’m sort of dreading it right now, once I get in “mode” and am sitting with all the beautiful preggo’s and babies in my life….there will be beauty all around me.

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