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Leo Moon in April ’15

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Beginning Saturday afternoon through Sunday, I spent a wonderful 24 hours with some amazing women on a spiritual retreat. I learned a lot about myself but mostly was amazed at the beauty of each spirit I got to meet. It took courage and strength for each person to open up and share who and where they have been on their journey and to be willing to learn more about themselves through the journey of others. I struggle with courage to share in groups. One on one I can talk…., but in a group I become silent. My gift of communication is not strong in the sharing of thoughts on the moment, but after contemplation and some quiet my words are clearer. The ability of some to share their feelings, emotions, thoughts on a moments notice is beautiful. But I also learned that my journey, my words, my timing, are beautiful as well.
It also amazed me how just 24 hours away from my crew and I was ready to see their smiles and get their hugs, especially after a nap….:)

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Leo Moon

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This day has been all over the place. Leo does rule children and I’ve been with children today more than planned. Its funny how that works. I even played Junior monopoly with two adults and my daughter. What a good time we had. I tried to flow with the day and feel that I’m truly blessed to have the people I do in my life. Little and big. 🙂

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Moon in Cancer April 2015

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I have not had a chance to blog for Taurus and Gemini this past month.  I guess the slowness of Taurus rolled over into the business of Gemini and my blog didn’t happen.

Now that we are into Cancer, I just wanted to slow down.  My body was having trouble relaxing but I made myself do it anyway.  I just sat down and had some quiet time.  I rearranged my morning and changed the cat’s check up so I could stay home.  I found it funny when I got the text about wanting to hang at home, because that is exactly what I wanted to do!  Tonight was calmer than previous nights this week.  We only had baseball practice versus last night where I had four places to be at 6 p.m..  It was a slower pace today and I am hoping for that same tomorrow as well:).



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Gemini Moon

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The last few days I’ve felt like I’ve had a hamster in my head. Powerfully creative mind.  I stayed up later thinking of all the things I could do and what I will do.

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Taurus Moon and then some.

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Taurus Moon and then some.

So, what I have noticed is that many of us have took a short break from blogging. What a week it has been in the heavens. After the eclipse it was none stop. I’ve been riding the wave.

I have to mention today. My lovely Taurus girl gave a beautiful example of Taurus this morning. I do understand that Taurus does not like to be rushed. I’ve tried very patiently to give my daughter time. Well today I only had two hours to go to two grocery stores and get her off to school. So everything was going well until I asked her to decide between a teal, green, pink or purple potato peeler to have as her own. I picked the boring stainless steel for myself.  Well she couldn’t pick out a color. I continued to shop in the aisle to give her needed time. Then I had to go so we could get ready for school. She stood there and protested that she would not move from that spot! The Bull was sitting down. I was done for. My soon to be 7 year old was not going to budge and never has! So I tried once more to play the “I’m going then” and walked away. 5 minutes later I’m still around the corner waiting. She is still in the same spot not crying.. not budging! I had to pick her up and carry her out. Wow! When a Bull sits down nothing can get them up. Amazing.

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Moon in April Aries

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These last few days have been spent working on new goals and desired plans. My emotions have been up and down. I have been feeling like I have not been flowing with life. It has been more like hitting a wall, and another, and another. Trying to make positive changes is a struggle right now.
Also seeing things that had much hope clouding up ….
Energy has been strong running through me but my actions have been lifeless. Trying to set things more positive for tomorrow with these changes….Hope.


Moon in Pisces

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I have been extra internally emotional and hard on myself the last couple of days. If ate something off what I know is helpful to me…ugly talk in my head. If I am tired and don’t get up at usual time….ugly talk in my head. Trying to stay positive and not break down and cry at the build up of small frustrating things seems to be a challenge.
I know that when I am off eating the way that I need to for myself, the emotions and feelings underneath become more bear-like. The last few days have definitely been more like that.
I also have noticed that my feelings or intuition have picked up again. When I think about someone, I have received a call or text from them within a day or so. Or thoughts of a glass being knocked over at the dinner table last night and a few minutes later…BAM. My child’s tennis ball comes flying and hits a glass out of nowhere.
I feel as if I can feel energy pulsating through me. It frustrates me. I want to do something positive with the energy yet at the sametime I am extremely tired because I have been waking up extra early in the morning and not able to go back to sleep. Mixture of opposite emotions and the energy feels stifiled.

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Moon in Aquarius

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Sitting down today to journal brought me to a point of rest. I needed this time. I have found my thoughts lately desiring time with friends or doing things I enjoy. Yet, my rigorous, intellectual side likes schedules. When the two don’t meet..all my goals seem to slide right out the door…. I know that eating a certain way makes me feel better and stronger. I know that exercising helps me feel more peaceful and energetic. Yet the side of me that loves to just hang out and read gets pushed out of the picture when I am trying to schedule food, exercise, etc. I start to feel boxed in and boom…schedule goes out the door along with all my healthy habits. Balance…Balance is what I am thinking about. Not overly emotional or anything…my emotions are calm right now. Just wanting to relax and yet enjoy healthy foods etc. During this moon phase, I seem to be seeking balance. Hmmmm….

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Scorpian Moon

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Scorpian Moon

It was an emotional two days. My daughter stayed home from school because of nerves. She has a Scorpian moon. My Momma Bear came out to protect her (only comes out once in a blue moon) so I got emotional and talked to the person responsible. I didn’t hold back! The eclipse brought light to the situation and I just went there. It was a powerfully intense day. Emotionally shaking myself over the whole thing.

Building up to today I could feel myself becoming more heated. I’m always pretty harmonious and graceful in my expressions. But today I wasn’t. I felt bad..but realized I just needed to be human and go there. My emotional barometer said to. 🙂

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Moon in Libra

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Whew…this energy has been intense! I have tried to take it easy but our schedule didn’t always allow it. I spent the day yesterday at the Mall and around the city finishing up some Easter shopping. We don’t always get new clothes but next week our youngest is being baptized and we wanted to look nice:) The stress of shopping for each child with all the other people in the mall etc. was wearing. Most everyone there seemed to be in a good mood but it was just the huge amount of noise and the stress of the to do list. Yet we seemed to find everything relatively easy. On our way home last night we all enjoyed the beautiful moon and commented on how the clouds in front of the moon resembled a bunny with an egg in front of it:) I did enjoy my time with them but I slept good last night!

This morning brought new challenges today. My youngest went down sick shortly after church. He is running a fever and a slight cough. He slept through our family Easter egg hunt and spent most of the day in bed. I have been caring for him this afternoon.
I also had a few short naps. I have been feeling extremely tired.

A few side notes…had a discussion with an extended family member the other night. They were talking about how depressed they were for a couple of days and how it just seem to lift and all get better around Thursday. They had also described some romantic relationships they were setting dates up for and then into details about the relationships. As they continued to describe their week it fit along with so many of the emotions I had been experiencing but in their own individual way. It was fascinating to listen to their stories and quietly see the correlations!

Interesting side fact we learned today… We were wondering why Easter jumps around so much when it comes to the date.  We looked it up on the way to church today.  The website we referred to said that Easter always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after the vernal equinox.  The next factor would be whether you follow the Gregorian calendar or the Julian calendar.  For us as a family that was the first time we ever looked that up and the reason behind the choosing of the date.  I thought this was interesting with all I am learning right now!