Sagittarius moon in May 2015

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Wow! The last couple of weeks have been busy as we wind down the school year! Meetings, sports games, concerts, banquets, parties…. It has caused me to be  WAY behind in my daily commitments.
I had a wake up call from my youngest daughter when she brought home my mother’s day card from school. It was the cute fill in the blank cards that I LOVE! One of the questions asked was…”What makes your mother laugh?” Her response…nofn (nothing…translation to adult from young child)….
Nofn…wow..I thought I laughed more than that.  I even had a special message recently from someone dear to me that said they missed and loved my laugh. I said something to my husband about it…he smiled and said, “she couldn’t put my dad’s silly and sexual jokes to mom, that wouldn’t have been appropriate…”
But it really got me thinking that I need to add more fun and creativity to my life. I sure don’t want her to think her mother doesn’t have a sense of humor or life isn’t fun! Wow!
So…I guess I need to laugh more and be more adventurist and enthusiastic! Thank you sweet daughter for beginning to awake the inner child in me! It has been sleeping for quite sometime!!” Happy Mother’s Day to all those mom’s out there! YOU are enough just the way you are! LAUGH, it is going to be o.k. 🙂 Lessons from a child….Have a beautiful day!

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