Scorpian Moon and Full Moon

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Scorpian Moon and Full Moon

So I felt like this was the night to write. On the Full moon. Let me just say I’ve been going with the flow as much as I can. My unconscious feeling did come out. Things that I would normally be able to hold back from saying came out instead. I love Scorpio for that!! As you can see I’m being very vague which archetypes the moon so well. Mysterious.  I feel that in one week I’ve really understood my demons more than any other time in my life. The thing I struggle with the most…but because I had such an compassionate friend be there for me I was able to be honest with them and myself and I feel so light. I had nothing to loose and it was almost a test of friendship. I had to check in with myself to understand what choice I wanted to make.. what boundaries did I need to create for myself…not for them…for me.

After my honesty…I walked home late at night…knowing I felt right..but confused. I stopped and saw a large live scorpion cross my path. Like I was at a cross walk. I reached for my camera and said thank you scorpion for crossing my path. I knew then I had followed my intuition and feeling and what ever had happened was suppose to go exactly as it did. Thank you my friend.

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