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I haven’t had a chance to journal in awhile. Adjusting to the kids being home for the summer, new schedules, new hours, etc. My time has changed when I used to sit down and journal so now I am trying to adjust and create the new time:)
Sitting to get my hair cut today..I heard my hairstylist talk about how tired she is. That was about the fourth person that I have heard in the past few days discussing how sleepy they are feeling.
I wasn’t feeling tired until they talked about it:) But I do notice that I want to slow down some today. I don’t want to rush. I just want to relax and rest. If I fall asleep for a nap that would be great. My kids have been a little cranky and acting like they are tired. I have not kept up with what is going on with the moon right now but apparently those around me are wanting to rest and gain back some energy:) I hope they all get some sleep or the kicked back rest they need and their beautiful smiles reappear on their faces:)

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  1. It was a Full moon in Sagittarius on the 2nd. Yes, I absorbed people also tired or not sleeping well 4 days prior. We are also in mercury retrograde causing the mind to review.

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