Striving for Balance

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sacredcircleI found the previous virgo moon to be awesome for getting my to-do list accomplished and was truly loving the feeling of checking things off the list and having a full schedule! Today I woke up wanting to flow with my day and maybe garden and take a walk and go out to lunch vs. being “scheduled”.  Or, if I could have exactly what I want, it would be a walk on Hanalei Bay.  🙂

Of course, I have a highly scheduled day of appointments seeing mama’s and babies and then baseball games for the boys later on. So, my intention is to strive “do my day” in balance in the midst of being scheduled and see the beauty in all of that. It really shouldn’t be too hard because although i’m sort of dreading it right now, once I get in “mode” and am sitting with all the beautiful preggo’s and babies in my life….there will be beauty all around me.

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  1. How lovely!

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