Our Services

Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine

   We offer Herbal Medicine using Eastern Philosophy. Once the pattern is understood, that is causing the clients condition, we are able to make suggestions on specific herbal formulas traditionally used for balancing that pattern. 

Just a few conditions we see:

· Anxiety

· Depression

· Headaches

· Diabetes

· Hypertension


· Stress

· Insomnia

· Pain

· Digestive issues

· ADHD/ADD (adult or childhood)

· Anemia

· Dizziness

Menstrual irregularities




Astrological Consulting Sessions

  Sessions are to help you move forward in all areas of your life with the guidance of your personal chart. 

The first initial session includes your natal chart, secondary progression and transit chart. This session is up to 2 hrs. 

Followup sessions are available for further guidance and validation. These sessions are to help you validate yourself more and help you to have the tools to navigate changes, challenges and transformation in your life. 


Children's Chart- (includes Natal Chart) The closest manual you can get that will help you parent these beautiful human beings.

Natal Chart- Characteristics of a person when born. Possibilities, strengths, gifts, and purpose.

Tri Wheel- (includes Natal Chart) More in depth on presently what is going on in your life. Increases confidence to move forward and reach your potential. "Know they self."

Composite Chart - Couples Chart. Combines both natal chart of two people to understand their relationship to each other.

Required before making an appointment please text the following to 

602 482 5544.

1. Name you would like on your chart

2. Exact birth time (double check birth certificate or birth announcement)

3. Date of birth

4. Birth location (city and state).


13 month Professional Mentorship Programs

This mentorship program is designed to support students to be successful practitioners. Herbal Jules offers hands on experiential learning and believes this approach to be effective to build confidence. 

Zoom classes are available for Astrology Mentorship Program for those people who are long distance.